Does the family doctor in Canada have an obligation to inform the patients of their Positive HIV test results?

In Canada, does the family doctor have an obligation to inform the patients of their HIV test results if the patients’ test results are positive?

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54 Responses to Does the family doctor in Canada have an obligation to inform the patients of their Positive HIV test results?

  1. Peaches says:

    I would assume they have to, but the question is, why wouldn’t they….they would have to have express written from the patient to perform the test in the first place (the laws are much stricter than any other lab tests). Therefore, if the patient requested the test (which they would have to), how or why would the physician NOT give them the results? Follow me?

  2. BJC says:

    The healthcare provider who performed/sent in the test (or someone from their office) is required to make every effort to provide the patient with the results of the test. A person should never be tested for HIV (or anything) without their express consent and the results should al;ways be provided in person, regarldess of outcome

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